We are changing the world of education and research.

We are a truly unique institution educating young people from Australia and many other parts of the world where language and cultural diversity are encouraged and celebrated.We study at HEP, educate at HIIE and train at the golf academy.


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Renewable Energy

HEF is conducting various research related to renewable energy, which is essential for carbon neutrality.

Pacific Joint Crediting Mechanism (PJCM) Vanuatu, 2 MW PEM Electrolyzer and Bifacial Dual Axis Tracking PV Albedo Test Project are part of it

Hills renewable energy precinct

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy can play an important role in Australia energy security and in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Using renewable energy can help to reduce energy imports and reduce fossil fuel use, which is the largest source of Australia carbon dioxide emissions.

How is hydrogen made?

There are a number of ways to make it, but the hydrogen gas delivered to your home is produced by an electrolyser. Water is pumped into the electrolyser, where it’s separated into hydrogen and oxygen.

Why renewable hydrogen?

When produced using renewable energy, hydrogen gas is 100% clean, sustainable and renewable. When used as a fuel, it emits just heat and water. In both situations, there are zero carbon emissions – which is great for the environment!

Hills Gold Academy

School of champions

Hills Golf Academy has established a unique golf education opportunity for young golfers. The concept of providing a championship golf course, state of the art golf coaching training program and academic program all at the same campus.

Why choose us?
Hills has a fantastic track record of producing world class golfers but we are always looking at new ways to innovate and improve our programs. Please contact us for any further information on our programs.

Astonishing – How is this possible?

Queensland, a state in north east Australia of just 3.5 million people has produced four world number ones and winners of 13 major championships, and Hills Golf Academy has been instrumental to this success.

Culture of Success

Hills has produced a steady stream of world class golfers over the past 25 years and this success is attributable to the outstanding culture of success created within the golf academy.

One Stop Shop & The Dream Team

The inclusion of the golf course and golf academy on the school campus puts all facilities within 5 minutes of each other. Hills golf academy utilises some of the best coaches and sports science personnel to provide a seamlessly integrated state of the art golf program.

Hills International Institute of Education

Solar Training and Education for Professionals

The Solar Training and Education forProfessionals (STEP) funding program tacklessoft costs by addressing gaps in solar trainingand energy education, both within the solarworkforce and in professions that play a crucialrole in solar deployment.


Join Australia's Fastest-Growing Pathway & Package Institution

Our studies span early childhood through to higher education and we lead the way in cutting-edge interventions.

Research Centre for Data Mining and assessment in Education

Our research examines digital disruption, assessment and data analytics as subjects of research, policy and practice in schooling reform and teacher education.

Solar Grid-connect With Battery Storage Course

The Solar Grid Connect with Storage course is designed to meet the requirements of the Clean Energy Council for the Grid Connect with Storage endorsement on an Electricians Grid Connect PV System Accreditation.